Objective and Outcome

The Government of United Republic of Tanzania in collaboration with other stakeholders, have made a commitment to carry out inclusive and participatory consultations in preparing for post 2015 development agenda. The purpose of the consultations is to facilitate a visioning process which is based on people’s experiences of and ideas for the future of the world they want to live in. The specific objectives of the consultations are both at global and national levels Global level:

    Global Level
  • To contribute to and to stimulate the global discussion amongst Tanzania’s stakeholders, and to garner inputs and ideas for a shared global vision of “The Future We Want”;

    National level:
  • To amplify the voices of the poor, vulnerable and other marginalized in the post 2015 development agenda and in other formal local and international negotiation processes;
  • To gather inputs and ideas that will be useful in implementing the LTPP and MKUZA II;
  • To streamline and maximize the impact of related consultation processes that are led and managed at the country level.

The consultations held in preparation for post 2015 development agenda do have potential if they are well-structured and managed to ignite transformational changes, energize and build momentum for continued support and sustained action, and augment other processes of changes, such as the constitutional review process. Thus, national consultations are expected to have the following outcomes:

  • Provide critical inputs to the next generation of the global development agenda and build a shared global vision on the Future We Want, with clear recommendations for governments, civil society and broad stakeholders;
  • Provide national influence to the intergovernmental processes so that they align the global development agenda with the aspirations of the national government and those of other actors, e.g. civil society.
  • Provide useful information for enhancing the planning processes and development frameworks at country level.

Consultative Process

Whom to Engage – Stakeholders

A broad spectrum of stakeholder meetings with representatives from the Public Sector, the Private Sector, and Civil Society (to the grassroots level,) Higher Learning and Research Institutions, the Media and Youth and Women’s Groups, People with Disability and Children and Development partners.

How to Engage

Zonal workshops/meetings/focus group discussions will play a vital role in the discussions. These workshops will be organized in a way that will enable grassroots voices to be heard. The gender balance in participants and representation will have to be observed.